Studio Information

Studio Objectives

  • To give the student a balanced music education through the study of piano theory, technique, history and literature.
  • To develop poise, confidence, self-esteem and discipline through study and performance.
  • To inspire a love and understanding for all kinds of music. To have FUN!
  • Emphasis is put on proper technique, including mastery of scales, chords and arpeggios.
  • Theory is taught using written assignments and reinforced with the use of entertaining and demanding computer software.
  • Theory is integrated so that students understand the musical components of the piece they are studying.
  • Music is approached through the historical period in which it was written, and knowledge of the composer.

Equipment Needed

  • 88 key piano, tuned a minimum of once per year
  • Adequate light at the piano
  • Piano bench with adjustable height or appropriate pad, and footstool as needed.
  • Metronome

Lesson Length

  • Elementary level: 60 minutes per week, including 40 minutes private instruction and 20 minutes computer lab. Kindergarten age students may begin with a 30 minute lesson and 15 minutes computer lab.
  • Intermediate level: 70 minutes per week, including 50 minutes private instruction and 20 minutes lab time.
  • Advanced level: 60 minutes private instruction and computer lab as needed.


  • Tuition is based on a 38 week year and includes  up to $60.00 worth of materials, 3 online classes and two recitals.  41 weeks of lessons are given per year, allowing for a few weeks of missed lessons due to absence or illness of student or teacher.  Payments made after the 5th incur a late fee of $20.00. Payment may be sent or delivered at lesson time using Zelle, cash or check, by mail. Make checks payable to Laurie Meinhold. Please email for price list.
  • Home School: Purchase orders are accepted on a monthly basis for tuition. Please email for price list.
  • Adult students may purchase lessons in groups of 4 and schedule them on an individual basis.

Recitals and Festivals

Studio recitals are held in the Fall and the Spring of each year. The Fall Recital features special themes, focusing on different genres of music or honoring particular composers. The Spring Recital is a celebration of all the accomplishments of the year, including Certificate of Merit. In addition, students may choose to enter other recitals, festivals and competitions available to them, including community service recitals held at retirement homes.Recitals may be virtual subject to COVID restrictions.

MTAC Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit is an annual evaluation system sponsored by the Music Teachers’ Association of California, featuring a video performance, online theory test, and online aural listening examination. Registration takes place in September and the evaluations are held online, in February-March of each year. Students receive certificates for passing each level, and may be chosen for special honors and additional performances.


The studio follows the calendar of  Capistrano Valley School District, closing  for Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and  a few weeks in summer. The studio remains open for other holidays. Please see the calendar for more detail.


“Our daughter has made tremendous progress this past year.  Her attitude towards practicing has greatly improved.  She’s much more independent and proactive with her piano practice.  She’s excited and eager to take on and overcome challenges.  We’re so very proud of her.   We’re extremely appreciative of your diligence and creative teaching.  We feel very fortunate that our children are receiving their music training from one of the most uncompromising and encouraging teachers.”

– Mrs. Joanna Keyvan

“We would like to express our thanks to you for teaching our daughter. It is such a delight to see someone appreciate and enjoy music so much. You are a wonderful teacher and she greatly looks forward to her lesson time with you.”

– Mrs. Marike Hildreth

“We’ve witnessed a big growth in both our boys thanks to you! I’m especially pleased to see some fruits of their efforts – winning ribbons at the duet festival, completing Certificate of Merit and a surprise invitation to play at the State Music Teachers’ Convention! Most of all my sons want to play the piano the rest of their lives – this is music to my ears . . .”

– Mrs. Insun Kim